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Setupnoid's Ergonomic Wrist Rest "Black" was carefully designed with physicians, because in most cases, wrist rests don’t provide any significant ergonomic benefit and usually increase the risk by applying the pressure to the underside of the wrist and compressing the tissues.

That's why Ergonomic Wrist Rest "Black" reinforces the pressure from the wrist to the palm (thenar and hypothenar part) and improves your arm position by lifting your wrist for 1.1 cm and reducing the harmful extension.


1. Reduce wrist pressure, relieve wrist fatigue and pain.
2. Streamline Style,Design for the Right Hand.
3. Ergonomic Design,Non-slip,Wrist Rest. Make your Wrist comfortable when using.
4. Anti-skid surface


1. Size: 1,1cm x 10cm
2. Color: Black

Package Includes:

1 x Ergonomic Wrist Rest "Black"


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